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GO VEGGIE - check us out if you are a vegetarian runner / vegetarian cyclist / vegetarian triathlete / vegetarian multisporter / vegetarian athlete

GO VEGGIE - check us out of you are into vegetarian running / vegetarian cycling / vegetarian multisporting

GO VEGGIE - check us out if you've seen a go veggie runner / go veggie cyclist / go veggie triathlete / go veggie multisporter / go veggie athlete

GO VEGGIE - check us out if you would like to know more about go veggie running / go veggie cycling / go veggie multisporting

GO VEGGIE - check us out if you want to get hold of vegetarian running kit / vegetarian cycling kit / vegetarian triathlon lit / vegetarian multisport kit / vegetarian sports kit

GO VEGGIE - check us out if you want to get hold of go veggie running kit / go veggie cycling kit / go veggie triathlon lit / go veggie multisport kit / go veggie sports kit



Welcome to the GO VEGGIE website. If you're motivated to promote vegetarianism whilst participating in endurance sports or 'active-lifestyle' type competitions / leisure pursuits then you are in the right place. If you have visited our site before and know where you want to go, please select from the items in the menu bar above. If you are visiting for the first time and want to learn more, our home page is probably the best place to start.


Briefly, we are all about passively promoting vegetarianism by wearing GO VEGGIE kit whilst training and competing. We are an 'association' rather than a conventional cycling / running / triathlon club and as such we are in a unique position.


Cutting to the chase - whatever your sport or pursuit - it is generally possible to train and / or compete in our kit and spread the veggie message whilst simultaneously retaining your local club loyalty, or, if you are not into the club scene, maintaining your stealth status as an 'unattached' competitor. Explore our site to see how...

GO VEGGIE in action

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