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Cycle Time Trials


Cycling Time Trials (CTT) governs most road based time trial events in the UK and is responsible for rules and regulations that govern events that are run by its affiliated clubs.


Essentially, you have to be a member of an affiliated club, or directly affiliated to the CTT headquarters club, to be able to enter and ride events organised under its jurisdiction.


You can only be a 1st claim competitor for one affiliated club and must enter open and semi-open events in that club’s name. You can, however, also be a 2nd claim member of other affiliated clubs and can enter association events (events restricted by a club’s membership of an association) in the name of your 2nd claim club, providing your 1st claim club is not also a member of the same association. You are only allowed to change 1st claim club once per year.


Clothing rules dictate that you must wear clean and tidy gear – and that in open, semi-open and association events, you must be clothed from the neck to at least mid-thigh and have sleeves to your mid-upper-arm. In these events it is not allowed to wear kit that carries advertising, or the name of any commercial business unless the competitor sporting the commercial advertising (usually a bike shop or similar) is a member of (the benefiting) club or team, and that club or team has paid an advertising fee to the CTT. The spirit of this rule seems to be designed to ensure that commercial interests do not permeate the sport. In club only events, you can wear more or less what you like without restriction.

What this means for us


Essentially you must be a member of an affiliated club or the CTT headquarters ‘club’ to enter open, semi open or association events. You must enter the event in your club’s name. You will not, under any circumstances, be able to enter any CTT event in the GO VEGGIE name. To enter club only events (usually evening events with a small field of riders) you normally need to be a member of the club that organises the event. That said, some organisers will let anyone have a ride, it’s a case of turning up and smiling…

Entries, competitor lists and results sheets


As is the case with road and trail running, GO VEGGIE is not a commercial entity and is simply an expression of your personal values. No commercial entity or institution stands to benefit from our kit and we are simply celebrating our chosen dietary regime. As such, we are not ‘advertising’. Accordingly, it would seem that is perfectly within the rules to wear our kit in CTT sanctioned events no mater which club or clubs you belong to, or in which club’s name you have entered the event.


Enter and race in your own club's name but inspire all that see you by wearing GO VEGGIE colours.



This page serves as an introduction to time trialling and how being a part of the GO VEGGIE community fits in with the rules and regulations of Cycling Time Trials. For more details, or to double-check any of the information provided, please visit the CTT website.

Quick reference - GO VEGGIE and Cycling Time Trials sanctioned events

Q1. Are you a member of a Cycling Time Trials affiliated club or the CTT headquarters club?

Q2. Are you participating in an open, semi open, or association event?

You can not enter open, semi open or association events


Some organisers may allow you to participate  in 'club' events


In club events there is no kit restriction

You must enter events in the name of your affiliated club


You can wear GO VEGGIE cycling specific kit as we are not 'advertising',  we are simply expressing our personal values

Q3. Are you participating in a 'club' only event?

You may wear any kit, including GO VEGGIE kit, without restriction