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...and inspire others to go veggie too

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We are not a conventional 'club' but a loose community of like-minded people and our aim is simple: to passively demonstrate that it is possible to be perfectly healthy, perfectly ‘normal’, and to take part in sport without withering and collapsing because we don’t eat meat. We achieve this mainly – and simply – by wearing GO VEGGIE kit when training and racing. We are about inspiring fellow competitors and spectators who have thought about adopting a vegetarian diet to give it a go.


We are motivated by values ranging from improved health benefits to beliefs that the exploitation of animals is just plain wrong. We are a small but dedicated concern and have members competing at all levels from recreational to international elite, we don’t care what level you are at, we welcome all.


We currently have members who regularly compete in road, trail, and cross-country running; cycle time-trialling, MTB racing, duathlon and triathlon, ultra events, swimtreks and cani-cross.


To join us, all you have to do is to want to, to share our aim, and not eat meat, ever; not even fish or wafer-thin ham.

What we do


We participate in endurance sports and other active-lifestyle competitions / leisure pursuits.  We are strictly vegetarian.

About us


We aren’t about competing for membership with local clubs who are in a much better position to offer a social scene, coaching, and regular organised training sessions. We aren’t about being all preachy and forcing our values on people, we aren’t about campaigning.

What we don’t do

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Where we fit in

We intend to appeal particularly to people that are already out there running / cycling / in the gym, and who may already be competitive members of established cycling, running, triathlon clubs etc, but who would like to wear our kit whilst training and racing to show that they support the vegetarian cause. We aim to appeal to people who simply wish to quietly demonstrate that veggies are just as healthy, fit and fast, if not healthier, fitter and faster, than our non-veggie counterparts.


Many people out there are on the brink of choosing a more humanitarian lifestyle so – if you are vegetarian – recognise that when out training and racing you are in an enormously powerful position to influence.


GO VEGGIE! – wear our kit: you absolutely can inspire others to go veggie too...


Rules and more rules

If you are already a member of a sporting club or affiliated to a sport’s governing body, you will probably be aware that the further into memberships and affiliations you get, the more rules and regulations there are that bind you in terms of issues like which club you are obliged to represent and the kind of kit you are allowed to wear whilst actually competing: this affects us.


The officialdom page, and its associated sports specific pages, act as a mere introduction to the current state of affairs regarding the various rules and regulations and how they relate to the GO VEGGIE community; but first a little about clubs.


Different people have different relationships with their club(s) and the nature of these relationships can vary dramatically. On the one hand some individuals are heavily involved – whilst on the other – some individuals simply anonymously pay a subscription once a year. Your relationship with your club is a very personal thing. It may be that you are keen to wear GO VEGGIE kit whilst training and racing but feel an awful lot of pressure to conform to the norm and stick with your own club’s gear. At the end of the day it’s up to you – we would never want you to do anything that caused unnecessary friction.


What we’ve found through experience though, is that – even if you have very close club ties – the vast majority of people, including club officials, will show a great deal of tolerance and respect for you if you explain that it’s important to you to spread the vegetarian message.


Usually all that is required to keep the peace is to make the point that even though you are prepared to pay your subscriptions and put time and effort into supporting the club, you would prefer to wear GO VEGGIE kit; even if only for some of the time. If it helps, point your club officials in the direction of this web page so that they can see for themselves that we are not trying to steal you.


We are intentionally not competing for membership with established clubs; which is the main reason we are currently resisting affiliating to any of the larger regulatory bodies. We don’t wish to be seen as a threat to clubs, indeed most of us are fully paid up members of one or more already. The simple fact is that we have no problem in promoting the vegetarian cause whilst simultaneously supporting local clubs. Where there's a will, there's a way...