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British Cycling


British Cycling (BC) is the body that governs most of the cycle racing activity in the UK outside of time trialling and is recognised by the world governing body, the UCI. Numerous disciplines are governed by BC including road and track racing, BMX, various MTB disciplines, cyclo-cross and others.


Most cycle clubs in the UK are affiliated to British Cycling but it is not necessary to join a club to become a member of BC. It is possible to register directly with the organisation and their various ‘ride’ and ‘race’ packages offer different benefits for recreational cyclists right up to international road racers. Though BC would prefer you to become a member it is still possible to race in some events without taking out one of their standard membership packages (some of which include a provisional race licence), or a full race licence. As a very general rule of thumb, the higher profile the event, particularly for road and track events, the more tying the need to have a full race licence and the more tying the requirement to wear approved kit.


For example, if you are a member of an affiliated club and are pushing to progress through the ranking structure in road races you absolutely must have a full race licence and represent your 1st claim club wearing either your 1st claim club approved kit or a kit completely free of lettering in lieu. If you change your 1st claim club you are required to send your membership documents to BC who will send out a replacement to the secretary of your new 1st claim club.


For some disciplines, including MTB cross-country, rules regarding licensing and kit are rather more relaxed. Your particular discipline, level, club membership and desire to progress will all dictate the specific requirement for membership, licensing and rigour of kit. There really are very few generalisations, the only way to determine which rules and conditions apply is to take each rider, discipline, and level on an individual basis and consult the precise rules applicable in the circumstances.

What this means for us


Depending on the specific discipline, your level, and club membership etc, you will either have absolutely no chance – or it will be easy – to enter events in the GO VEGGIE name. As described above, generalisations are virtually impossible with BC sanctioned events. Sorry!

Entries, competitor lists and results sheets


Again, in higher level road racing there is absolutely no chance of wearing GO VEGGIE kit, but in MTB and some other disciplines, particularly events below elite standard, it may well be perfectly within the rules to wear our kit. Again each case needs to be determined on an individual basis.


With the best will in the world all we can do is point you to the BC website and urge you to see how your particular circumstances stack up. We certainly have MTB racers out there proudly wearing GO VEGGIE kit, it's a case of making it happen...



This page serves as an introduction to road bike and MTB racing and how being a part of the GO VEGGIE community fits in with the rules and regulations of British Cycling. For more details, or to double-check any of the information provided, please visit the BC website.