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Getting hold of GO VEGGIE kit


In order to get hold of GO VEGGIE gear first you will need to register with us. Just so it doesn't come as a surprise, please be aware that in an effort to ward off any non-genuine subscribers, there is a once-in-a-lifetime registration cost involved of £10.


We use proprietary companies to source our fully technical race and training kit, companies that have been serving sports clubs and individual athletes for many years. Our main supplier is Impsport (part of the Sports & Leisure Brands group). Impsport kit is first class. It is robust, reliable, and simply allows you to get on with the job of performing at the peak of your ability without any hassles.


If you need advice or information about any of our kit, including sizing, please e-mail us before committing to any purchase.


NB Though the advice regarding the legality of wearing our kit in various types of competition is given in the very best of faith, we are unable to predict the vigour (or knowledge) of some event officials and would urge you to fully familiarise yourself with the relevant rules and regulations pertaining to your own unique circumstances before buying any of our kit.

Cycling and triathlon gear


Once you have registered we’ll send you a code that gives you direct access to our personalised Impsport Shop. This means you can deal directly with the company to order GO VEGGIE cycling and triathlon kit to your exact requirements. Please note, all orders are unique and form a contract between the customer and Impsport. Accordingly, please be sure that your orders are well thought through and accurate. Contact Impsport directly if you have any technical queries or require advice. If you don't have - or have forgot the shop passcode - just e-mail us for a reminder.


The links below give access to Impsort’s catalogue of cycling and triathlon gear, sizing charts, pricing information, and to our bespoke shop.


Cycling and Triathlon Catalogue

Cycling and Triathlon Sizing Guide

Cycling and Triathlon Prices

GO VEGGIE Impsport Shop


The below images are just a few samples to give an idea of the Impsport cycling and triathlon kit that is available.

Running and casual wear


The good news is that in addiion to supplying cycling and triathlon kit, Impsport can also supply athletics and casual wear. Their athletics range is very comprehensive and their casual wear includes items like T-shirts, polos, and hoodies etc. As per our cycling and triathlon gear, all Impsport’s athletics / casual clothing can be viewed and purchased directly through the  GO VEGGIE Impsport shop. The bad news is that much of the running and casual gear is subject to minimum-quantity orders so if there’s anything from their athletics or casual range that you fancy, it’s probably best to contact us for advice if you find your online-shop order subject to a minimum-quantity requirement. A sizing guide for vests and T-shirts in their athletics range is available here. Prices are available here.


Once again, all orders are unique and form a contract between the customer and Impsport. If in any doubt about fit or finish, it's probably worth your while to contact Impsport directly, they are generally very helpful and may supply sample clothing to help with sizing prior to purchase.


Because of the minimum-order requirements that apply to some items in the online Impsport shop, we have alternative supply chains for some running and casual wear and we keep a small stock of such items: these can be purchased directly from the sales area at the foot of this page.


For non-Impsport-sourced leisure wear,  we have a local supplier who produces very good quality gear that includes, for example: T-shirts, polos, hoodies, baseball caps and beanies. Prices are very reasonable and - with this supplier - the 'Go Veggie' logos are all fully embroidered as opposed to printed. If you fancy a leisure-wear garment of any description just e-mail us letting us know what you'd like and we'll get back to you with further details.


For non-Impsport-sourced running vests, we use Fastrax. This company have been successfully supplying running clubs for years and their vests are made from top quality material. Our GO VEGGIE vests are made using their top-of-the-range sublimation process; meaning all colours and designs are fully impregnated – there’s no dodgy iron-on lettering to come off in the wash! This stuff lasts for years. We hold stock in popular sizes, please see the bottom of this page for details. The below images are just a few samples to give an idea of the sort of running and casual gear that is available.

Fully 'sublimated' and sporting the GO VEGGIE 'splash' design.


Female 34" / 86cm - £25 - Buy

Female 36" / 91cm - £25 - Buy

Female 38" / 96cm - £25 - Buy

Male 38" / 96cm - £25 - Buy

Male 40" / 102cm - £25 - Buy

Male 42" / 107cm - £25 - Buy

Fastrax 'Splash' Running Vests

Fastrax 'Plain' Running Vests

Leisure Wear

In-stock items for sale

arrow-white Basket white small

Last remaining 'Old Style' Fastrax running vest. NB - conventionally printed, not 'sublimated'.


Male 40" / 102cm - £15 - Buy

All Prices include VAT and P&P